A Guide on How We Handle Collision Repair, Car Painting & Auto Glass Repairs

Being in an automobile accident can be one of the most stressful times of your life. Not only do you have injuries to worry about, but your vehicle is damaged and in need of timely repairs so you can get back on the road. Each car accident will be different, but there is a specific process that Aiken Collision provides to help ease the collision repair process for the customer.

Insurance Assessment of Damages

The first step involves an estimate of the damages on your vehicle that’s sent to the insurance adjuster. This provides an estimate so they know how much it’s going to cost to get your vehicle back to its original condition. Once the estimate has been completed by Aiken Collision they’ll send it off to the insurance adjuster for approval. You’ll also be presented with a copy.

Ordering of Parts & Disassembly of Vehicle

After the estimate has been approved, the repairs can begin. There may need to be special parts ordered in. During this wait, your car will be disassembled and prepared for repairs. There may be additional damaged parts that are hidden inside, so the original estimate may need to be adjusted and approved. After further approval by the insurance company, any additional parts can be ordered.

Structural and Cosmetic Repairs

Your vehicle will be raised up on a platform if there is any damage to the internal structure that needs to be repaired. After this is completed, the car is returned to the ground. Repairs to the external body are done, as well as any mechanical repairs, and the replacement of any parts. If windows are broken or cracked, auto glass repair is done. Finally, your car will need car painting, which is applied in a special spray booth. Your vehicle will be polished. There may also be minor parts that need to be installed, such as door handles or mouldings.

After your car has been cleaned inside and out, you’ll be ready to take possession of it once again. We invite you to contact Aiken Collision for an estimate if your vehicle is in need of auto glass repair, car painting, or collision repairs.

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